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Geneva Believer is Closed for Business

In July of 2016, “Geneva Believer” was born. Over the next five-plus years, I immersed myself the work of researching and reporting on the social …

City Government

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Questions Surround City’s Relationship With Business Owned By Cop’s Family

According to records obtained via FOIL request, a Town of Geneva business owner saw a significant increase in business and payments from the City of …

Geneva Police

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Jack Montesanto: How The System Enabled A Violent Cop And Failed The People Of Geneva

In the Spring of 2017, the Geneva Police Department responded to a 911 caller who reported that GPD Sergeant Jack Montesanto had thrown his girlfriend …

Geneva Foundry

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City Spends $800K Fighting Foundry Victims In Court, DEC Pays The Bill

From November 2016 to August 2019, the City of Geneva paid over $799,000 to a Syracuse-based law firm to fight against city residents in court …

The Geneva Foundry Disaster and Cover-up

Ward 6

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Ward 6 Gets A Councilor: Hollenbeck Appointed To Seat

After 132 days without representation, Ward 6 has a City Councilor. By unanimous vote, City Council appointed Democrat Dana Hollenbeck to the seat that has …

Community Compact

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Compact Update: Gramling Announces “Civilian Oversight And Community-Building Program”

If the Compact’s primary goal is “relationship building,” then why are they involved in implementing a civilian review program, complaint process improvements, and other police …


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Conflict Of Interest: What Was The Real Reason Behind Gaglianese’s Resolution?

At the March 3, 2021 City Council meeting, Councilor-At-Large Frank Gaglianese put forth Resolution #19-2021 to declare City Council’s intent to preserve Loomis Woods, a …