GPD Officers Union Files Lawsuit To Stop Police Review Board

On June 1, 2021, attorneys for the union representing Geneva Police Officers filed a lawsuit in response to City Council’s passage of Local Law 1-2021, which established a Police Review Board in the City.

In the complaint, the attorney for the GPD officers claims that Local Law 1-2021 “curtails the power of the City Council and its appointees,” and that City Council was “required” and “failed” to “submit the Local Law to a referendum.”

The officers union requests that the court declare the Police Review Board law “invalid, void and unenforceable” and asks for “a permanent injunction restraining, enjoining and prohibiting” Local Law 1-2021 from being implemented.

Click here to read the summons and complaint

Click here for all documents related to the lawsuit via NYS Courts Electronic Filing System

Local Law 1-2021 was passed on February 3, 2021, after two public hearings and seven months of discussions and changes to the original resolution that was passed on July 2, 2020.

The lawsuit should be unsurprising to those who closely followed the process to create the Police Review Board, as the officers and their union representatives not only opposed the creation of the review board (even claiming that the law was “a scheme that can only be likened to the measures that were taken by the Nazis in Germany”), but also repeatedly indicated that if the law passed, they would fight it in court.



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