FOIL Docs Reveal Internal Investigations, Discipline Of Geneva PD Officers

In July 2020, Geneva Believer submitted FOIL requests for the disciplinary and complaint records of ten former and current Geneva Police officers. After five months of waiting, disciplinary records for eight officers have finally been released by the City of Geneva.

The documents reveal numerous instances of officer misconduct that resulted in disciplinary measures being taken, including suspensions. This information has never been publicly released.

The ten FOIL requests asked for “all records, reports or memorandums involving complaints, adjudications, claims, and disciplinary actions related to” ten former and current GPD officers. In response, the City of Geneva stated that there were no records available for former GPD officer Greg Bendzlowicz. The City also stated that records for GPD officer Jack Montesanto were “under legal review” and would be released at a later date.

Additional records will be added at the link below as they become available.

You can view the Geneva Police Department Disciplinary Records here:

GPD Discliplinary Records




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