Questions Surround City’s Relationship With Business Owned By Cop’s Family

According to records obtained via FOIL request, a Town of Geneva business owner saw a significant increase in business and payments from the City of Geneva shortly after his son was hired by the Geneva Police Department.

And recently, during an argument with a customer, that same Town business owner made an unusual phone call and a few minutes later his son, the City of Geneva Police officer, showed up.

Does the City of Geneva’s relationship with this business deserve closer examination?

Danny’s Garage (aka H&H Towing) Sees Significant Jump In City Payments

Danny’s Garage (aka H&H Towing), is owned by Daniel M. “Danny” Hickey and is located on Route 14 in the Town of Geneva, about a 1/4 mile north of the Geneva City line. According to publicly available information from the Ontario County website, the DBA for Danny’s Garage was filed by Hickey in 1989, and the DBA for H&H Towing was filed by Hickey in 2011.

According to documents obtained from the City of Geneva via FOIL request, Danny’s Garage/H&H Towing has done business with the city of Geneva for several years.

From 2011 to 2016, Danny’s Garage/H&H Town received an average of $238.00 annually from the City of Geneva for services provided.

City of Geneva’s Total Payments to Danny’s Garage/H&H Towing



2011 – $95.00
2012 – $0.00
2013 – $100.00
2014 – $1072.00
2015 – $100.00
2016 – $300.00


TOTAL – $1,667.00

Then, in 2017, Danny Hickey’s son, Daniel D. Hickey, was hired as a patrol officer by the City of Geneva Police Department.

2017 Geneva Police Department Annual Report, page 4

During 2017, Danny’s Garage/H&H Towing did no business and received no payments from the City.

Beginning in 2018, Dan Hickey’s first full year as a Geneva Police Officer, Danny’s Garage/H&H Towing would see a dramatic increase in business with the City of Geneva.

From January 2018 through October 2020, H&H Towing/Danny’s Garage averaged around $3,580 in annual business with the city, more than fifteen times their previous annual average, for a total of $10,700.97.

City of Geneva’s Total Payments to Danny’s Garage/H&H Towing

2018-October 2020


2018 – $2860.57
2019 – $4257.12
2020 – $3583.28


TOTAL – $10,700.97

Hickey’s business saw a sudden and striking increase in City business not long after his son was hired as a police officer by the City.

Should the City of Geneva’s relationship with this business be more closely examined to confirm that there is no conflict of interest?

An Unusual Phone Call With An Interesting Result

On October 20, 2020, a City of Geneva resident arrived at Danny’s Garage/H&H Towing to rent a UHaul vehicle. While inside the business, the resident noticed a sign with racist imagery displayed on the wall behind the counter.

An argument between Danny Hickey and the customer ensued, and the customer began recording the encounter on video.

In the video, Hickey tells the resident that he is going to have them “arrested right now (for) trespassing.”

Hickey then picks up his phone, appears to dial a number, and says:

“Hey, send somebody down here, I want a person arrested for trespassing on my property. Alright. Thank you.”

After Hickey appears to place a phone call asking for help from law enforcement without identifying himself or his location, a City of Geneva Police Officer shows up a few minutes later.

The City police officer who shows up is the owner’s son, Dan Hickey.

After speaking with the customer, Officer Hickey claims that he didn’t come to the scene in response to the argument or his father’s phone call.

Although the Geneva Police Department will occasionally respond to calls in the Town of Geneva, the circumstances in this particular case raise questions about the relationship between the GPD and Danny’s Garage/H&H Towing.

City of Geneva’s Policing Reform and Reinvention Collective

On October 9, 2020, a City of Geneva press release announced the formation of the City’s “Policing Reform and Reinvention Collective.” According to the announcement, “the working group will review and make policy, procedures and program recommendations for the Police Department.”

The collective is led by Facilitators Dr. Sim Covington Jr., Chief Diversity Officer for Finger
Lakes Community College, and D Ekow King, Asst. to the VPSA for Intercultural Engagement,
Equity and Inclusion Director, Intercultural Student Engagement at University at Albany.

Among the 15 individuals who were selected to serve on the City of Geneva’s Policing Reform and Reinvention Collective is GPD Officer Dan Hickey.


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