“Bodies as Evidence: the Miseducation of Difference” Teach-In September 19

Community Education for Transformation (CET) sent the following announcement for publication.

“Bodies as Evidence: the Miseducation of Difference”

Our bodies are a canvas upon which much is written. They are marked by our experience and agency, inscribed by inherited legacy, as well as lined, marked, and organized by the society in which we live. State violence is written on our bodies – our canvas – even as our bodies march the streets in an attempt to reconfigure the canvas. Canvases are painted through experience and discourse, but these forms of knowledge production often produce a miseducation of difference, one with dire circumstances for certain communities. This miseducation results in white supremacist ideology, sexism, misogyny, and intolerance.

On 19 July this year, Community Education for Transformation (CET) hosted its second virtual teach-in of the summer, focused specifically on the creation of a Police Accountability Board in Geneva. In attendance was Geneva City Councilor, Frank Gaglianese. Despite expressing his appreciation for the event, Gaglianese attended a “Back the Blue” rally the very next day where he was recorded fantasizing about shooting and killing everyone who attended the teach-in. What would inspire such murderous daydreaming? Why did the councilor take such offense to Genevans wanting to educate themselves? Supporters of the councilor defend his actions claiming that it was a virtual event and no one was actually in any danger. Yet, as organizers, our bodies provide different evidence.

While the Councilor’s words may seem isolated, they must be taken with the long histories of the violence we see acted out in disparities of health care, education, housing, and the de-valuing of particular lives by police in what seem thoughtless moments of brutality but are in fact expressions of deeply ingrained systems of cruelty. What constitutes virtuality, materiality, the performative, the archive, the very body we each inhabit together and as ours alone? Please join us virtually on Saturday, 19 September from 2-4pm, when we explore how the words and actions of the city councilor, and the fallout thereof, can shed light on the present-day realities of American society. Below is the Zoom link:


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  1. As a progressive, this kind of “education” makes ill. Who are you speaking to ? HWS ? Geneva is a racist town that needs to realistically examine their silently, held beliefs. Police commit illegal acts because that is what the majority of people there want. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be wasting 80 years of the Blue family’s time. How does anyone miss that this chicken-shit has been going on since before Ms. Blue was born ? Chicken-shit behavior from the whole town. Also, the piece is poorly written.

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