The People’s Peaceful Protest Releases Statement On Councilor Gaglianese’s Violent Comments

On Saturday August 1, 2020, The People’s Peaceful Protest (PPP) organizer Adam Fryer released the following statement in response to Geneva City Councilor At-Large Frank Gaglianese’s comments that he wished he’d been able to shoot and kill all of the attendees at a July 18th online teach-in on police accountability.

First BLM: People’s Peaceful Protest march in Geneva, May 31-June 1, 2020.

First and foremost, our hearts go out to everyone who attended the public forum hosted by HWS, including the PPP’s own, Akim Hudson. The PPP stands in solidarity with the educators, community members and representatives who continue to educate themselves on the urgent local & global concern of police accountability. None of us deserved to hear those kinds of remarks, nor did the people in the councilor’s company when he said it. Joking about murder and flat out refusing to listen to facts about an issue that is literally killing people of color at an alarming rate, is truly disturbing.

What’s also disturbing is that since the inception of the PPP, organizers and community members have been subject to consistent harassment from active GPD officers on social media. This included mocking, intimidation and threats, which are clearly violations of the GPD Social Media Policy. The police chief is certainly aware or the issue and has done nothing, to our knowledge, to stop or address the harassment, which continues to this very day. This further highlights the need for the Police Accountability Board, Councilor Gaglianese refuses to even entertain.

“Hot-Mic Gaglianese” has shown time and time again that he is willing to say whatever is necessary to appease whoever he is currently talking to. He promised me personally on multiple occasions to show his support for the PPP’s resolutions and talked about how great they were for almost an hour on a single call. When the day came to vote, he neither sponsored or voted for any of them and voiced his stubborn opposition, even forgetting to mute his “Bullshit” remark during a citizen’s public comment.

These last few months have laid everyone’s true selves bare for the world to see and he is clearly a liar, anti-accountability, and backing the police to an extremely ignorant and alarmingly dangerous degree. These are not traits befitting his office and not simply changed with an apology. He should resign or be removed.

-Adam Fryer

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  1. Thank you Adam and the entire PPP. Your efforts to bring real and verifiable accountability to the police department and the entire city administration are beyond laudable, they are heroic and necessary.

    But here is the question all of Geneva must ponder: why are some residents promoting violence? It can’t be that a police accountability board is an existential threat–the existence of a PAB will not result in loss of life or property. Indeed as one anti-PAB person put it, she is not afraid of accountability because she know her husband is a good police officer. Any rational appraisal of a PAB would consider it a necessary part of the fabric of trust. So why are some members of Geneva so angry that they have said they would kill, they would disrupt, they would take matters in their own hands?

    Yesterday Joe Biden announced Senator Harris would be his running mate, and already the machines are grinding out the tropes of “angry black woman,” “the need for law and order,” “nasty,” and a host of other comments . . . anti-Black, anti-Asian, misogynistic . . . much like Gaglianese, Cocola, Stivers, and others have spewed over the past few weeks, months, years . . . so why such violence? It does not matter if the violence is literal, rhetorical, figurative, or physical. Words, such as Cocola’s, are intended to intimidate, terrorize, and silence. (Obviously that does not work, as I am writing this, as have many others.)

    So anyone who begins to think “well, maybe Frank Gaglianese or Jim Cocola have a point” consider the history of those expressions. If you don’t know the history, one should study and reflect upon it, because it is our history. If you don’t know where to start, that reveals something about our education, doesn’t it? And why certain histories are repressed, just as certain people are oppressed. So what is the basis of hatred? Is that in fact, who you are? Mr. Gaglianese? Mr. Cocola? Is that all you are–a spewing of violence? Your children must be embarrassed.

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