Geneva City Councilor Says He Wanted To Shoot And Kill Community Members

On July 18, 2020, Geneva City Councilor Frank Gaglianese attended a virtual forum hosted by Hobart and William Smith Colleges entitled “Education for Transformation: What We All Need to Know about Police Accountability.”

Around 80 community members and leaders, activists, and regional Police Accountability experts took part, including members of the Geneva NAACP, Geneva Community Compact, and The People’s Peaceful Protest.

City Councilor At-Large Frank Gaglianese

Councilor Gaglianese was active in the chat during the online forum, repeatedly thanking the participants and stating that the event was “great” and he was “walking away feeling good.”

The next day, July 19 2020, Councilor Gaglianese attended the “Back the Blue Ride and Rally” at the Finger Lakes Welcome Center in Geneva’s Lakefront Park. Over a hundred “Back the Blue” supporters drove and rode from Canandaigua to Geneva for the event.

Councilor Gaglianese was speaking with one attendee who was streaming live video of the event, and commented on the HWS forum he had attended the previous day, saying:

“…the College did their whole thing? For police accountability? If I could have got a gun and shot the squares on my computer screen and killed everybody…disgusting.”

Gaglianese also called police reform advocates “little squawkers who think their voice is being heard…it’s not.”

Additionally, Gaglianese stated that he would vote no against any efforts to create a Police Accountability Board.

To file a complaint with the NY Attorney General Public Integrity Bureau, visit this link:

To file a complaint with the Geneva Board of Ethics, visit this link:






5 Comments on “Geneva City Councilor Says He Wanted To Shoot And Kill Community Members”

  1. He should resign. Immediately. No one, and least of all a public official at a public event can threaten with outright murder members of the city he is sworn to serve. I demand the rest of the City Council condemn, censor, and expel Council member Gaglianese. He poses an outright threat to the community. The behavior of Mayor Valentino, Council member Bill Pealer, and council member Gaglianese at recent City Council meetings has been disgraceful–their lack of attention, their threats, and expressions of misogynistic attitudes is beyond the pale. But these clips of comments by Frank Gaglianese demand far more than simply community outrage.

  2. I would support that his resignation be submitted immediately. I’m sorry I voted for him. He did not present himself honestly to the voters. It’s a shame, really. He does not represent ALL of Geneva. He sounds disdainful if those trying to be heard. He flat out said they are not being listened to, at least by him.

    I support the police, but do think a PAB is a good idea. The people of Geneva are speaking up, have been marching and demonstrating for weeks, peacefully. Is it not the job of city councilors to listen?

  3. Guys an authoritarian in the simplest sense of the word. If you are telling the people you govern to shut up because no one is listening to you, there is just no way to split hairs about it.

    My big take away from these types if people is seeing just how afraid of even having a conversation about the systematic problems that plauge the american police force, they are. You hear all your life from LEO types that “if you did nothing wrong, than you have nothing to hide” yet the mere idea of accountability sets off these crazy angry reactions. It really says all you need to know about these types. If most leo are generally good ppl(and I certainly don’t believe them all to be bad people) and its just a few bad apples than the mostly good officers should be lining up to help implement policy that weeds these bad apples out.

  4. Thank you for bringing these videos to the public. A person with these attitudes cannot hold office in Geneva and should resign immediately. What a shame. He does not represent the voices of Geneva. We deserve better leadership than this.

  5. As a former resident of Geneva, I’m shocked to read about this. From a distance he makes Geneva look very, very unappealing as either a tourist destination or a place to send my child to college. This doesn’t just reflect poorly on this individual, but on the whole area.

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