2 Comments on “Top 20 Highest-Paid Geneva City Employees For 2019”

  1. The comparison between police salaries and Geneva school district teachers is well worth contemplating. The average Geneva public school teacher’s salary is approximately 58,000; with the highest range (for high-school teachers with seniority), is 82,400. That’s with years of experience. And years of underfunding of educational possibilities. The failure to fund the City’s recreation department robustly–no easy access of the lake for city residents except through the state park, no municipal swimming pools, playgrounds dilapidated, programming always heroically run on a shoestring–come on, with 6 of the ten highest paid City employees being police/fire (how many are actually firefighters?).
    And of course, the abysmal condition of the separation of City and Town, so that the burden of taxation supporting anything in the “Geneva” area falls on the residents of the City. It’s close to being an apartheid structure.

  2. When overtime pay becomes 1/4 of overall pay, you have a management problem. It represents a lack of vision or a system set-up to create over-time. And there is 2.5 patrol officers per commission officer, how does that make sense ?

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