Peoples Peaceful Protest Demands Police Reform In New Petition

The Peoples Peaceful Protest of Geneva has begun circulating a petition demanding reform for the Geneva Police Department.

The online petition includes a list of demands and will be presented to Geneva City Council at a future date.

You can read and sign the petition here:

The People’s Peaceful Protest of Geneva: “Reform Geneva Police Department” Petition

The Peoples Peaceful Protest of Geneva
Petition to reform the Geneva Police Department policy and procedure to preemptively and proactively maintain peace, best practices and ultimately the safety of all of our citizens.

We call upon City Council and the Geneva Police Department to enact the following common-sense demands:

  1. Implementation of a diverse Police Accountability Board (PAB) / Civilian Review Board (CRB) with the power to review perceived egregious incidents and complaints. Such board will be vested with all investigatory and disciplinary powers as permitted under the law, have access to grand jury testimony, and be implemented as soon as reasonably possible.
  2. Regular (Annual) evaluation of trainings and policies related to use of force, especially in cases of mental health and medical emergencies. Implementation of best practices, de-escalation tactics, and continued implicit bias / cultural humility training. Include the implementation of policy changes attached to these demands.
  3. Regular reporting of *specific* police data metrics, including a release to the PAB/CRB of all disciplinary complaints received. Similar to the way a school district monitors its students on the basis of attendance, disciplinary referrals, grades, etc. The PAB/CRB should have a way to check the temperature of the department and know which officers might be trending in the wrong direction on things like generating complaints, pulling over people of color without cause, asking people for ID without cause, etc. Failure to produce or the manipulation of these metrics should be seen as an egregious offence and would be reviewed by the the PAB/CRB for disciplinary action.
  4. Mandatory body cams for ALL Geneva PD officers. PAB /CRB must have the ability to access randomized body cam footage on a routine basis for purposes of general review.
  5. Defund the police & reallocating funds toward services to address the causes of local social issues and inequity. This includes healthcare, education, access to jobs and healthy food in our marginalized communities.
  6. NO MORE POLICE OFFICERS IN OUR SCHOOLS! Research shows that police in schools is linked to higher rate of suspensions, expulsions, arrests that funnel kids into the criminal justice system, and predominantly target students of color.
  7. Ban on no-knock warrants!
  8. Implement an anonymous whistle-blower policy for city employees (particularly police) to report any nefarious activity or abuse of power. Whistle-blower complaints against officers will be reviewed and investigated by the PAB/CRB.



**Include implementation and guidelines for use of Social Workers as a proactive and post incident resource (Short term counseling, mediation, referrals to human services and other agencies, follow-up services, case status information, transportation, psychotherapy evaluations/services to officers and their families and community engagement)
**Include implementation and guidelines for reporting incidents to Police Accountability Board.
I. “Personnel will use only the level of force necessary in the performance of their duties within the limits established by article 35 of the New York State Penal Law, applicable constitutional standards and consistent with training and policies of the GPD.” **Clearly list the continuum of force. **
M. Duty To Intervene
1. Officers “Shall intercede” -Change to “are obligated to intercede”. Observing officers must not be complicit with over use of force.
**Use Of Force Form- Should all be reviewed by PAB
A. No warning shots
B. Moving vehicle restrictions -vehicle or occupant must be immediate threat. Officers can fire from vehicle if deemed necessary to protect self or others. **Consider banning**
D. Intentional Discharge of Firearm
2. **Firearm Incident Report should be completed for purposes of destroying an injured or dangerous animal.
**Firearm Incident Report -Intentional & unintentional should all be reviewed by PAB
**Addition -Officers should make all attempts to preserve the life of an animal by removing themselves from threat of injury if possible BEFORE using lethal force on animal.
**Firearm Incident Report should be completed if firearm was used.
**Use of Force Form should be completed in all instances.
**Apply all previously mentioned applicable revisions
X. Initial Response Procedures
A. First Responder Procedures
2. Error in numbering of policies. Number “2” is repeated between “8” & “9”, but is a different policy procedure.
B. Notification Procedures
1. **Notifications should be made to PD Social Worker as soon as feasible.
4. Notify Police Accountability Board – Done by Chief of Police, Mayor or City Manager.
D. Procedure for Officers Involved in Deadly Physical Force Incidents
3. **Responding Social Worker should also accompany the involved officer for support and to attend to their needs, if available.
5. **Social Worker could assist involved officer with contacting family members and other support persons.
7. c. -** Social Worker could assist involved officer with contacting family members and other support persons and facilitate arrangements for them to come to the medical facility.
**Implementation of department Social Worker.
**Information and forms needed to appraise the involved officers conduct should be sent to PAB representative.
**PAB should review findings of internal investigations to ensure accountability.
**PAB should have the power to implement disciplinary actions when necessary.
**Should include any holds or maneuvers that restrict airways (Chock holds, knee on neck).
B. Include Cultural Humility Training. **Guidelines for frequency of training?

Read and sign the petition here:

The People’s Peaceful Protest of Geneva: “Reform Geneva Police Department” Petition


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