Attorney Claiming To Represent Massa Emails Cease And Desist Letter To Geneva Believer

Geneva Believer has received an email from an individual claiming to be an attorney representing Massa Construction. The individual is demanding that all articles related to Massa Construction be removed immediately because they contain “reprehensible attacks, ” “false claims,” and “false statements.”

Geneva Believer is also being inexplicably accused of trying to “denigrate Massa’s Italian-American heritage.”

You can read the alleged cease and desist letter HERE.

If this letter is authentic, it is nothing more than an attempt to intimidate Geneva Believer into removing articles that are critical of Massa’s relationship with the City of Geneva.

Geneva Believer has NEVER published any false claims or libelous attacks against Massa Construction.

All Geneva Believer articles related to Massa can be found at the following link:

Geneva Believer Articles On Massa Construction

More on this story as it develops.



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