Election 2019 Results: Dems Win Six Seats, Valentino Cruises

The results are in, and the Democrats will have a supermajority on City Council beginning in 2020.

Steve Valentino won the mayoral race in decisive fashion, grabbing over 58% of the vote to easily defeat Mark Pitifer.

Democrat Anthony Noone pulled in the second-largest vote count, winning one At-Large seat, while Republican Frank Gaglianese grabbed the second At-Large seat.

The races in Wards 5 and 6 were extremely close, with Democrat Laura Salamendra and Republican John Pruett each winning their respective seats by 12 votes. In both races, there are not enough absentee ballots to change the outcomes.

Here are the results of the 2019 Geneva City Council Election:


Democrat – Steve Valentino – 1,569

Republican – Mark Salvatore Pitifer – 1,088


Democrat – Anthony Noone – 1,448

Republican – Frank Gaglianese – 1,343

Democrat – Tamarie Cataldo – 1,112

Republican – Ben Vasquez – 987


Democrat – Tom Burrall – 247

Republican – Antonio Gomez – 119


Republican – Bill Pealer – 387

Democrat – Valerie Mallard – 253


Democrat – Jan Regan – 392

Republican – Don Cass – 272


Democrat – Ken Camera – 279

Republican – Evelyn Buisch – 150


Democrat – Laura Salamendra – 138

Republican – Bryan Housel – 126

(Not enough absentee ballots to change the outcome)


Republican – John Pruett – 126

Democrat – Juanita Aikens – 114

(Not enough absentee ballots to change the outcome)

Oh, And One More Thing…

Voters in Rochester, NY overwhelmingly approved, by a 3-1 margin, a referendum to change the city’s charter to create an independent, civilian-led Police Accountability Board with the power to investigate allegations of misconduct by officers, and to impose discipline on those officers when those allegations are sustained.

There are no other civilian review boards in the country that give this level of power and oversight to the community.


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