Election 2019: Mallard Unable To Personally Campaign Due To Health Issues

The Democratic candidate for Ward 2 City Councilor, Valerie Mallard, has announced that she is unable to personally campaign due to health issues.

In a letter distributed to residents in Ward 2, Mallard shared the news that friends and neighbors would be campaigning on her behalf in the coming weeks as she takes time to “get back on (her) feet.”

Here is the full statement related to the health issue from Mallard’s letter:

Due to recent health issues, I am unable to personally campaign. I will be leaning heavily on my friends and neighbors to help me get the word out in Ward 2! I am lucky to have many strong supporters who will be knocking on your doors, putting up lawn signs, and leaving you flyers, as I get back on my feet. Rest assured that they can answer any questions you have about my platform or put you in contact with me via email at genevacitydems@gmail.com.

What Does It Mean For The Ward 2 Race?

Registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans in Ward 2 by a 590-368 margin. There are also 298 non-affiliated voters.

In 2015, Paul D’Amico, the Republican incumbent, garnered 279 votes, holding off Democratic challenger Carolyn McCusker’s 218 votes, and Geneva First candidate Ethan Powell’s 100 tallies. It’s notable that D’Amico’s vote total was less than the other two candidates combined.

In 2019, with D’Amico stepping aside, the seat is up for grabs with two new candidates in the race (Republican Bill Pealer and Mallard).

With Mallard’s announcement, the Ward 2 race just got a lot more interesting. If the Democrats were hoping to finally wrest the seat away from the Republicans, they will now have an uphill battle with Mallard unable to personally campaign, and Pealer already going door-to-door, doing interviews and attending campaign events.

Geneva Believer wishes Valerie Mallard a speedy recovery.


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