Election 2019: Candidate Interviews Coming Soon

Geneva Believer recently sent interview requests to all 18 Republican and Democratic candidates for City Council and Mayor. So far, 5 candidates representing both parties have agreed to participate in email interviews, with more candidates hopefully committing in the near future.

Here’s how the 2019 Election Candidate Interviews will be conducted:

  • A list of standard questions will be emailed to each candidate who agrees to participate, along with additional, more “personalized” questions.
  • Candidates will send their responses, and a round of follow-up questions related to their responses will be sent.
  • Candidates will then send a final response.
  • Each interview will be published, in its entirety and without commentary, as an article on GenevaBeliever.com.

While this interview format is not ideal, the goal is to provide voters with at least some information on where the candidates stand on the key issues facing our city.

Every response from every candidate will be published in full, unedited and without any additional editorial commentary. This will provide all candidates the opportunity to respond without fear of being taken out of context or unfairly scrutinized for their responses.

Ideally, all 18 candidates will accept the opportunity to answer, on the record, some critical questions about the future of the city so that voters may better understand their political values and views.

Individual candidate interview articles will be published in mid-to-late October on GenevaBeliever.com. Individual articles about candidates who decline to be interviewed will also be published.


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