GPD Declares 12-Year-Old Guilty, Hate Crime Charges To Be Filed

After six and a half weeks, the Geneva Police Department were unable to generate any leads on a series of racist graffiti incidents that were first discovered on June 6th.

Within two days of the State Police Hate Crimes Task Force being assigned to the case, an arrest has been made.

Police allege that a 12-year old was responsible for the racist vandalism. According to a article, a search warrant turned up “evidence that supports the filing of a hate crime.”

The juvenile will face family court charges of criminal mischief and a hate crime.

While all suspects (including children) should be considered innocent until proven guilty, and although it’s not uncommon for police to arrest and charge innocent people, it’s encouraging to know that when the Geneva Police Department fails to respond to a blatant hateful act of racism in our city, the State Police are willing to step in and help conduct an actual investigation.

And though some residents will see this as the end of the story, there are equally important questions that still haven’t been answered:

  • Why did it take the GPD over six weeks to begin a serious investigation and to ask the public for help?
  • Why didn’t the Community Compact make any statements about the incidents?


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