Geneva Believer Gets An Upgrade!

On July 8th, 2019, Geneva Believer celebrated three years of investigations, agitations, and illuminations. And as our fourth year begins, we’ve updated and upgraded our website at!

You’ll still find all the stories and documents that have been on the site since the beginning, but we hope you’ll find that the site has a more engaging and professional look and feel.

If you were an email subscriber on the old site, you should still receive notifications in your inbox whenever a new article is published on Geneva Believer. If you’re a WordPress follower, there should be no interruption in notifications, either.

Even though the site has undergone a facelift, our journalistic instincts remain the same. In the coming weeks, we’ll be covering the upcoming City Council election, the 2019 budget season, and more. Readers will, as always, find news and views here at Geneva Believer that they will not find anywhere else.

Also, you might have noticed the Twitter link on the homepage. Geneva Believer is now on Twitter, so please give us a follow there if you’re so inclined.

As always, let us know what you think of the new site, or if you have any tips, comments, or questions!




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