Statement From Edith Wormley On Why She Declined Ward 6 Seat

Today, Edith Wormley, who was appointed on May 7 to fill the Ward 6 City Council seat left vacant after the passing of John Greco, forwarded a statement to Geneva Believer offering her reasons for declining the appointment from City Council.

Edith Wormley

Edith Wormley’s full statement:

I was very disappointed in how Council blatantly denied the voice of the people, and in hearing councilors say they had made their mind up prior to the May 1st meeting when they voted not to support Juanita Aikens. Geneva citizens brought forth signatures, voiced positive statements about Ms. Aikens’ current work to unite our community, and the people still were not heard.

It is clear that council is not “for the people” even when the people voted for them. My opinion is if you are not there for the people, then it’s personal! We need individuals to care about the ENTIRE COMMUNITY and that is what makes up Geneva, its entirety. Somehow, Ward 6 has been forgotten. Now, I truly understand John Greco’s frustration, God rest his soul, as he was about the people, not the politics.

Also, not one councilor, with the exception of Mark Gramling, called me to get to know me, or ask if I was willing to take the position.

Juanita Aikens, Democratic Candidate for Ward 6



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