Sage Gerling Named City Manager: The People Have Won

The people have spoken and the people have won.

Sage Gerling has been named Geneva’s new City Manager effective August 1, 2018.

Geneva City Manager Sage Gerling

If not for the groundswell of support from the people of Geneva after the search process was exposed, our city likely would not be so fortunate to be celebrating the hiring of a highly qualified and deeply respected woman, Sage Gerling. While Sage’s appointment represents an exciting and important change at City Hall, City Council still needs to explain how two other candidates with serious questions about their professional pasts came so close to being hired until the community stepped in to right the ship.

Here in the Geneva Believer newsroom, we’re feeling grateful for all the positive feedback we’ve received from the community for our coverage of the city manager search.

And to everyone who has said “thank you” in the past few weeks: YOU ARE WELCOME!

As longtime readers should know, you can count on Geneva Believer to hold our new city manager to the same high level of accountability as every other city official.


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