Geneva Believer Goes Trick Or Treating!

Since July 2016, Geneva Believer has provided independent news and views for the city of Geneva.

Geneva Believer is committed to conducting an unflinching exploration into the machinations of the social, political, and professional circles in our city. We ask the uncomfortable questions about injustice, corruption and hypocrisy in Geneva that nobody else will.

The Geneva Foundry disaster. Free speech. Ethics violations. Economic inequality. Domestic violence. Police misconduct. Racism. City Councilor screwups. Shady deals. Sketchy proposals. Questionable transactions. Overpriced services. Expensive consultations. Bungled crisis responses.

Plus goofy videos and silly Photoshops.

After 15 months and 60 posts, Geneva Believer has gained a loyal following, and we have YOU, our readers, to thank.

Now, with All Hallows Eve just around the corner, Geneva Believer is going to do a little trick or treating, and we’re hoping you’ll get in the spirit and drop a little candy into our candy bowls.

Trick or treat!

It takes quite a bit of time, effort and resources to keep bringing you hair-raising tales from the darkest corners of our fair lakeside city. For more than fifteen months, Geneva Believer’s spine-tingling independent citizen journalism and has caused screams of terror throughout the haunted corridors of City Hall.

Now, the ghosts and ghouls in the Geneva Believer newsroom have decided it’s a good time to knock on the doors of our readers and ask if you can send a little something our way. Give as little or as much as you can, every bit of help is appreciated!


As always, thanks for reading!


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