Marino, Horn Respond To Domestic Violence Story, Screw Up Royally

*Updated 4-4-17*

Statement from City Manager Matt Horn – April 3rd, 2017

“When the allegations of a possibly inappropriate relationship between Councilor Marino and a member of the Geneva Police Department initially surfaced, Chief Trickler and members of the GPD leadership team immediately conducted the appropriate inquiries and determined that the issue was unfounded. Councilor Marino acknowledged that any statements she may have made to that effect were false. To date, Chief Trickler has been unable to develop any evidence to the contrary.”

The issue is not whether Councilor Marino was actually having a sexual relationship with an officer. The issue is that she claimed to be in a sexual relationship with a police officer, in the midst of a violent incident during which she broke down a door and spit on the victim, in order to intimidate the victim from reporting the incident. Councilor Marino, by virtue of her role in city government, is afforded a higher level of access to the police department than the average citizen. The possibility that she may be having a sexual relationship with an officer is more believable than if an individual unconnected to city government made the same claim, and the threat is therefore far more serious, regardless of whether it’s true.

In addition, Marino admits to breaking down the door in the recording, but then sarcastically states “I didn’t kick a hole in the door, you did” while challenging the victim to call the police. Marino has a clear propensity for lying. Why would you, or anyone, choose believe her when she suddenly says that her claims of a sexual relationship with an officer were “false?”

“In addition, the Geneva Police Department and the Ontario County District Attorney’s Office reviewed the facts of the domestic incident reports cited in the Geneva Believer post, and found that the totality of the case matter did not rise to a level warranting a criminal charge.”

Police are required to leave a completed and signed Domestic Incident Report with the victim at every domestic violence call. All three reports from all three incidents are unsigned. Therefore, proper procedure was not followed in three domestic violence cases involving the city councilor identified in each case as the aggressor. In addition, the fact that procedure wasn’t followed raises serious questions about whether the Geneva Police Department needs additional training for dealing with domestic violence calls, especially calls that involve members of the LGBTQ community.

“I cannot recall a matter requiring Councilor Marino’s vote on any action that would have afforded a disproportionate benefit to the any member of the Geneva Police Department, or the department itself, and I know of nothing that would require her to recuse herself.”

And I cannot recall, in the Fingerlakes1 article or the Geneva Believer article, anyone questioning whether Marino should recuse herself from voting on matters related to the Police Department. Why bring this up if no one is asking?

To refresh your memory, the article mostly discussed how Marino lied, intimidated a domestic violence victim, and how the police failed to follow proper procedure on three domestic violence calls where Marino was documented as the aggressor. Keep your eye on the ball, Matt.

“To my knowledge, City Council does not have the authority to take any action against a sitting Councilor.”

And again, nobody asked if they do.

But they certainly have the authority to explore the passage of a resolution addressing the situation.

*EDITOR’S NOTE: City Manager Matt Horn sent the following response to Geneva Believer today, 4-4-17, at 8:05am.

“To your questions in the most recent post, I was responding to direct questions from Josh Durso of Finger Lakes 1.  He specifically asked if Councilor Marino had or planned to recuse herself on matters involving the GPD, and specifically asked whether City Council planned to take any action.”

Statement from Angelina Marino – April 2nd, 2017

“There was a recent blog that depicts a false view of a very difficult divorce that I have been going through.”

What’s false about the audio recording? The way you admitted to breaking down the door, and then sarcastically said that you’d call the cops and blame it on your now-ex-wife, was that false? Or the part when you spit on her, was that false? Maybe you’re referring to the part when you intimidated your then-spouse by claiming a relationship with a police officer and challenged her to call the police and “see what happens to you?” Also false?

“I want to be clear that I do not agree with everything that was stated in the blog and there are also a lot of pieces missing. It has been a sensationalized story that has targeted me for the role I have in the City and was an opportunistic action from my ex-wife.”

It’s not sensationalized. Don’t try to downplay the seriousness of what you’ve done. You are a public figure and therefore, you are held to a higher standard. You signed up for it.

And whoever advised you to come out swinging against the victim of your abuse gave you some bad advice. It’s not the best route to win public favor.

“Due to pending legal action, I am unable to publicly rebut the many false claims in the blog.”

Are you able to publicly address the documented facts in the blog?

“However, it should be noted that since July 20, 2016 there is a Restraining Order in place against my ex, which was reduced to a Refrain-From until December 2017. The Order against my ex-wife is conveniently omitted from the blog.”

It was omitted because it’s not relevant to what happened in January and April of 2016. It’s also not uncommon for people in a divorce to be granted Refrain From Orders, and let’s not forget that you had one against you as well…and you dodged a bullet when you weren’t found in violation after the April 2016 incident.

“As we know, public office allows people to be curious about your life, your accomplishments or one of the worst days of your life.”

How about three of the worst days of your life? Maybe four days if you include the threatening text from 2015?

You are trying to minimize the damage to your credibility and character by making a weak attempt at changing the narrative, but nobody’s buying it.

“It is unfair when your private moments are exploited publicly with no conviction or arrest.”

It is unfair when the police don’t follow procedure for three separate domestic incidents in which you were the aggressor. Failure by the police to follow procedure certainly may have played a role in your avoiding arrest and conviction. That’s the point of the article, Councilor.

“It is true that my ex-wife cheated on me, for months, during the election cycle last year and we have gone through an extremely difficult divorce where we both said very hurtful things to one another out of pain.”

Attacking the victim of your domestic abuse…not a good look, Ms. Marino.

Millions of people have spouses who cheat, but not all of them break down a door, physically assault their spouse, and intimidate their spouse when that spouse tries to call the police. The ones who do this are quite often arrested and charged.

Stop trying to whitewash your documented abusive behavior.

“I by no means have received any preferential treatment from the Geneva Police Department or any other department or agency.”

Why would anyone believe what you have to say at this point?

“I am exponentially saddened this blog is overshadowing real victims of domestic violence.”

And everyone who is reading your ill-conceived statement is exponentially disgusted at your implication that your ex-spouse is not a “real victim” of your documented, violent abuse.

Kicking down a door “like the koolaid man,” spitting on, verbally abusing, and intimidating your spouse from calling the police is the definition of domestic violence, Angelina.

“If you or anyone you know needs help, I encourage you to please contact our local Finger Lakes Family Counseling Center’s Domestic Violence Program Crisis Hotline at 1-800-695-0390.”

It’s ironic that the last time you encouraged someone to make a phone call, it was when you were screaming at your ex-spouse and challenging her to call the police because you felt you were untouchable from being held accountable for your own violent behavior.


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