Well, That Didn’t Last Long: Geneva Believer Now On WordPress

After spending far too much time trying to craft my first post for Geneva Believer over at Fingerlakes1.com thanks to the limited user interface, and after discovering that the blogs over at Fingerlakes1.com are not at all mobile device-friendly, I’ve decided to come home to a familiar host for my online creations: WordPress.com.


I think this is a more appropriate location for an alternative news blog anyway. While I had hoped to see more local traffic from Fingerlakes1.com visitors, the reality is that Geneva Believer was hatched to provide an alternative to mainstream news, and piggybacking on a mainstream news site didn’t really feel like the best way to build indy cred around these parts.

Someday, maybe I will look back wistfully at the time I spent screwing around trying to properly format a simple web link and a photograph on the first post ever in Geneva Believer history. But right now, I’m feeling comfy in the loving embrace of the familiar and user-friendly WordPress dashboard, though it’s still quite a headscratcher to think that a website that boasts its own online TV station, multiple podcasts, numerous blogs, internet radio station, news department and community forums could fail to acknowledge the fact that this mobile device fad seems to be catching on and maybe formatting your websites for mobile use and providing an app that actually works might well be a shrewd business move.





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